Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lessons from Andrew Zimmerman :: When it comes to crab cakes, simple is best

Having crab meat at home always feels like a little bit of a splurge to me, even though in reality it makes so much more sense to make it at home if you consider the cost benefit.  And if you make these crabcakes, your everyday dinner will turn into something a little bit more special :)  Because Andrew Zimmerman, you are right, this is the best crab cake recipe hands down. Frankly better than what I've had at some fancy restaurants.  When it comes to crabcakes, simple really is best.  There is no need for all the creams, the parsleys, and other such extra fillers.  Just binding ingredients with simple flavors so that the crab takes the main stage, squeeze a little lemon on top with a little bit of tartar sauce and you're set.

The meal was easy to make, delicious to eat - what more could you need?  Served it with rosemary roasted potatoes and some fresh veggies bagna cauda style - Cy was a happy person that day.

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