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I'm Emily.  I love reading food blogs.  And the idea of starting my own has flitted through my little brain from time to time, but I've always brushed it off - partially because it seemed like there was already a plethora of amazing ones out there, and partially (or mainly) because of my laziness. 

So what changed my mind?  My bf Cy and I both love to cook, and often do so for our close friends and family out here in sunny Los Angeles.   But when it comes to our everyday food, I find myself having to really consider what dishes would satisfy our foodie tastebuds, and still be "safe" for Cy to eat.  Diabetes runs in Cy's family genes and unfortunately, Cy has not been able to escape its evil clutch.  He has Type II Insulin-dependent diabetes - a burden he's carried for a good portion of his life.  It's almost ironic that he met me, the girl with the ultimate sweet tooth.

I do work in the healthcare field, but I am by no means an expert on diabetes.  I am trying to learn more as I go along. Now, I find myself considering ingredients more carefully when I cook. And I love reading research articles on the dangers as well as benefits of specific ingredients - I can't help it, it's the nerdy physiological science major in me!! 

We do our best to shop at our local farmer's market to stock up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies.   And though I still make the occasional dessert with real butter and dairy, I enjoy experimenting with ingredients like beans and tofu in the attempt to make sweets that are just as delicious and so much better for our bodies.

We both love to travel and love foods from all over the world - but I do have a soft spot for Japanese food...and I'm not just saying that because I'm Japanese ;)

My plan is for this blog to be a place to record my experiments with tasty, diabetic friendly recipes for Cy, as well as some of the dishes we cook for others.

As a sidenote...Cy has a thing for penguins.  And interestingly, penguins cannot really digest carbohydrates- just another reason for him to feel an affinity with them...
hence the blogname No Pasta for Penguins 

So please explore this blog and try out the recipes and let me know how it goes! 


*To read more about Cy, check out  Cy's Story

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