Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We all gotta start somewhere...

I love reading food blogs.  And the idea of starting my own has flitted through my little brain from time to time, but I've always brushed it off - partially because it seemed like there was already a plethora of amazing ones out there, and partially (or mainly) because of my laziness.

So what changed my mind?  My bf Cy and I both love to cook, and often do so for our close friends and family.  But when it comes to our everyday food, I find myself having to really consider what dishes would satisfy our foodie tastebuds, and still be "safe" for Cy to eat.  Diabetes runs in Cy's family genes and unfortunately, Cy has not been able to escape its evil clutch.  He's had diabetes since he was younger and it's a burden he's carried for a good portion of his life.  It's almost ironic that he met me, the girl with the ultimate sweet tooth.

So this blog is a place to record my experiments and search for tasty, diabetic friendly food for Cy, as well as some of the dishes we cook for others...and then there will also be the occasional random rambling ;)

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