Monday, June 18, 2012

Cherry Frangipane Tartlettes

I love that cherry season is here as it reminds me that summer is almost here, but I don't love the prices at the markets.  As much as I love cherries, I don't buy them as often as I would like to.  I love the color and delicate flavor of Ranier's , but $9.99/lb!? (whole foods) no thank you.  However, I did let myself give in to some sweet red cherries.  They were wonderfully sweet on their own, but I went ahead and made these little tartlettes, inspired by this recipe. The combination of cherry and frangipane is a match made in heaven - add to that the crunch of the outside crust? Perfection. 

The antioxidants responsible for the cherries' bright red color are also responsible for many anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits, so you won't have to feel quite as guilty snacking on these babies ;)



  1. Remember when we used to go cherry picking every year? Those are some of my best memories. It is right up there, with going to the pumpkin patch for Halloween, and Budou tori in Japan. I truly loved those times together.

  2. Yes cherry picking was fun - we should go again sometime! And I definitely miss budou from Japan...


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