Monday, March 11, 2013

{Domo Cookies} A Happy Birthday to a Friend

Today is my good friend J's Bday up in NoCal. So just wanted to give a shout out to her - Happy Happy Birthday!

I baked these Domo shortbread cookies with a friend this weekend and if J was in LA, I would've shared them with her.  The  Grrh I-will-eat-you-up-if-you-mess-with-me-expression of Domo somehow reminds me of her (I say this with ♥!)  

I know that my last post was for shortbread cookies too, and I know that they are not exactly the healthiest treats in the world, but these were just way too cute.  Thanks to this site i felt very inspired to make them and share them with you.  I promise I will get back to my healthier posts soon!


  1. Wow, your Domo's are stunning! I bet they taste amazing too! You should really sell these. :)

    1. Aww that's so sweet! Loved your bento-box Domo too ;)


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