Monday, February 17, 2014

Green Juice: Mojito style

Juicing is a trend that I think has now become a mainstay in the busy and health-conscious culture of metropolitan cities.  There's a nice convenience to knowing that if I feel like I'm not getting enough servings of veggies, I can just run to the nearest cold-pressed juicery (I think there are at least 4-5 in my neighborhood alone) and drink down my daily servings worth.   I haven't bought into the idea that the average person needs to go through a juice diet to in order to "detoxify" our bodies, but I do think that the occasional, if not daily veggie juice helps me feel like I'm doing something good for my body.

When we first bought our Omega Juicer, we were so excited we juiced pretty much every morning, but nowadays we make green juice only occasionally - when we feel like our fruit and veggie intake could use a boost.   I've posted about making homemade Honey and Vanilla Almond milk with it before, but I've been meaning to put up our green juice recipe.   We usually like to make something that's inspired by the Greenest #3 over at Juice Crafters, and I'll post that sometime in the near future, but this one which is reminiscent of a mojito with the fresh mint and lime, is another version we enjoy.

{Green Juice: The Mojito}
Makes about 20-30oz

3/4bag baby spinach
2-3 medium sized cucumbers
2-3 green apples
1/2 bulb of fennel
4-5sprigs fresh mint
1 lime
1/2inch piece of ginger (optional)

Just chop up into a size that will fit your juicer and juice away!
*With the Omega juicer, I do notice that I have to alternate leafy things with the more solid fruit or veggie to help avoid getting a jam.

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