Monday, November 28, 2011

Roasted Pepper and Quinoa Verrines with Avocado Cream

This recipe comes from one of my favorite food blogs Tartelette.  Her site is beautiful and always inspires me to bake.  This particular dish is one of my favorites on her blog even though it is not one of her amazing desserts.  Though its not sweet, the dish LOOKS like dessert - so it's right up my alley ;)

There seems to be a misconception that quinoa is a grain, but it is actually a seed and what they call a pseudocereal.  Like a grain, the numbers read high in carbs, but it is a complex carb with a low glycemic index.  It's packed with enough essential amino acids and nutrients that will benefit diabetics, even with the high carb reading.  Just everything in moderation.

 In Cy's case, I feel that this makes for part of a great post work-out dinner.  He has a tendency to go very hypoglycemic after meals after his workouts, so quinoa is a good balance.

Not only that, but the dish is pretty enough to serve for company as a side or appetizer.  It's good for everyone!

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  1. A nutritious, delicious, savory trifle!


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