Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blood Orange and Riesling Gelee with Coconut Panna Cotta

This one's got a fancy long title, but really it's just jello...a really delicious jello.

Blood oranges are such interesting fruit aren't they?  This particular batch I had gotten from the farmer's market was especially "bloody".  They were colored so extremely dark red that I actually decided not to put up the photographs because they looked almost gory.  

However, in terms of health, this is probably a good thing since the red pigment that gives blood oranges its distinct color is actually anthocyanin, an antioxidant.  And as most of us are already aware, antioxidants provide tons of health benefits like protection against cancer, heart disease, and lowering your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.  All on top of the fact that as a citrus, it is high in Vitamin C, folate, and fiber.

But in anycase, back to the jello! 

I was trying to decide what to make with the blood oranges I had when I came across this beautiful recipe on the web.  I felt very inspired to try something similar.  It's been relatively warm and dry out here in Los angeles, so this seemed like the perfect refreshing break we needed.  There is a layer of vanilla bean and coconut on the bottom which pairs wonderfully with the more tart blood orange, and I finished it off with another layer of gelee made from some leftover Riesling.  I crushed it so that it looks like ice...figured it can look even more refreshing ;)

Now on to the recipe...

Blood Orange and Riesling Gelee with Coconut panna Cotta
Inspired by {+1spoon

(Makes about 4 SMALL cups)

Coconut layer-
1can(16oz)...lite coconut milk
1tbsp............stevia (or 2tbsp sugar)

Blood orange layer-
2-3cups............juice of blood orange (probably takes about a dz oranges, you can make up for any shortage with orange juice or water)
2 blood oranges segmented
1/4tsp..........ground cardamom

Riesling layer-
3-4tbsp of Riesling (or any white wine)
1tbsp..........lemon juice
1tbsp..........stevia/sugar (this is optional)


Riesling layer-
1) Hydrate the gelatin powder with the water.  Leave for a few minutes.

2) Heat the riesling (or other white wine) and a cup water with the lemon juice and stevia/sugar should you choose to add it, until just under a boil.

3) Mix in the hydrated gelatin until everything has dissolved.

4) Pour a shallow layer into a mold and let it set in the fridge. (45min-hr).  To give it the crushed ice look, take a fork and rake it through the set layer. 

Coconut layer-
1)  Hydrate the gelatin powder with the water.  Leave for a few minutes.

2)  Heat coconut milk in a pot until just before boiling and mix in the hydrated gelatin.

3) Stir in the stevia or sugar until everything has dissolved.

4)  Pour into your cups and leave it in the fridge for about an hour or until it sets.

Blood orange layer-
1) Hydrate the gelating powder with the water.  Leave for a few minutes.

2) Heat the blood orange juice and cardamom in a pot until just before boiling and mix in hydrated gelatin.

3) Stir in the stevia or sugar until everything has dissolved.  (It's a good idea to taste here and decide how sweet you want the jello to be).

4)  Once the coconut layer has set, divide the orange segments and place them on top of the coconut layer.

5) When your blood orange juice mix is a little bit cooler, pour into the cups over segments to make the second layer.  Leave in the fridge until it sets.

5) Top with your "crushed ice" jello or fruit segments or whatever else you choose and dig in!

**For vegetarians/vegans, you can easily substitute the gelatin with equal amount of agar agar powder.


  1. OMG!!!!!!! That looks sooooooooooo yummy and pretty. I would like one right now right now please...

  2. My co-workers were like wowee!

    1. Really? Yay :) Yes these were really good and probably right up your alley.

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely hard to say no to anything Riesling ;)

  4. The blood orange is so pigmented it is almost magenta!


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